About Us

Against the Suffering of All.

The Liberator is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of veganism as a philosophy and political movement. It is a place for ideas, strategy, commentary and journalism addressed at combating the world’s most urgent moral crisis: the torture, molestation and killing of billions of sentient creatures for money and taste. Although unnecessary violence for sensory pleasure is in itself morally abhorrent, our treatment of animals is also leading to climate catastrophe and, through the creation of pandemics and antibiotic-resistant diseases, medical crises.

We take our name from the great, Boston-run abolitionist newspaper, which promoted the intellectual and moral case against human slavery. Much like that historic cruelty, we hope to relegate the meat and dairy industries to the dustbin of history. We make the case that, despite the evident power we possess over animals, sensitive creatures of any kind deserve better than abject cruelty, exploitation and death.

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