Truffles and Mast – A Review of Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story

Thick corn fields and rolling hills, folksy farmers, hay bale pyramids and mangers attended by contented cows, sheep and pigs. These are the images of the holy British countryside, the New Jerusalem, England’s green and pleasant land, images immortalised by countless novels and poems. Of course, it has not always appeared this way to everyone.Continue reading “Truffles and Mast – A Review of Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story”

Seventeen Million Mink

A new strain of coronavirus has appeared in Danish mink farms and has quickly spread from minks to people. The response has been to plan a cull of all seventeen million of Denmark’s minks. Perhaps there is no alternative at this late stage, although the choice should have been made long ago to desist fromContinue reading “Seventeen Million Mink”

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I wouldn’t say I love animals. Do not misunderstand me here: I am exceptionally fond of the little beasts. I certainly love my pets and I am constantly reminded of the fact that animals can be charming, adorable, fun and comforting. Yet still, despite all that, if someone asked me to divulge my interests andContinue reading “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”